About me

Who am I? Where do I stand for and what is the vision for my future?
My name is Eline, I am 22 years old. I live in the Netherlands. More specifically in Zwolle for my study.

Even early on in my life I have Always had the intrest in the layout of spaces. At the age of 20 I achieved a degree as Interior Consultant. After this I wanted to enrichmy self more in the field of interior and spaces.
Now that I have finished my firt year ar ArtEZ Universtity of the Arts I will be starting my final and last year in September.

I want to make this world better. Global warming is a thing and we have to keep that in mind when we are working and developing. When I am working in this field, I want to make sure it's good for the environment. That is my vision, that is what I want to learn about and that is what I want to apply in my work cause the Earth deserves it.